A Peek Inside My Den

Timing can certainly be funny sometimes. On Monday, I published an article about my feelings towards the latest Architectural Digest cover feature on the Kardashians' homes in LA. The general gist of the story focused on my frustration that although these homes were beautiful, they didn't tell me any more about these mega-mogul celebrities than the little about them that I already knew. Essentially, the souls of their homes were missing.

Fast forward to today, and I am sharing with you an interview I had with Anne Tollett on her amazing interior design website, Hanover Avenue. Anne shares my den with her readers and talks with me about how and why I designed my room the way I did. It's a highly entertaining conversation, as Anne is one of the funniest people I know. And unlike my Kardashian home review, this interview with Anne gives you an entirely different perspective on how a home should represent and reflect the family that lives there. Now, I am the first to say that my home is not aesthetically perfect, and it is definitely not going to land on the cover of Architectural Digest, but it is comprised of so many wonderful pieces that collectively tell the story of my life. And to me, that is the essence of what good design is all about.  Enjoy!


Thank you, Anne, for having me!! In addition to Anne's interview, she has published an amazing buying guide of pieces to find that are similar to ones I have in my den. CLICK HERE to see her cool ideas for great pieces for a den.

Also, I am having a GIVEAWAY on her site for one of my Interior Canvas Home pillows! YAY!!! To have a chance at winning one adorable pillow and enter the giveaway, CLICK HERE.



-Anna Kristin