Interior Canvas Home 2016 Spring Line Preview

I am so excited about my upcoming second fabric line for Interior Canvas Home! It is always such a fun, creative journey to work on new ideas, new designs and new patterns. When the brainstorming process begins, I never really have an idea of what the collection as a whole might look like. But over time, my ideas for patterns evolve in an organic way, and usually shape into an obvious theme. This second collection came together so easily and was inspired by my love for the outdoors, especially the garden. From flowers to beautiful leaves and everything in between, I have found that when I am outside I am in my happy place. Because of this, I have decided to name this collection, "Garden Vibes".

Each patten has its own contribution to the collection as a whole, while also easily standing confidently on its own. I am still adding a few more tweaks to "Garden Vibes," so it is not ready yet in its entirety. But here is a sneak peek to whet your appetite. I will let you know once the new collection is up on my website. Until then, enjoy the preview!



Two more Trellis colors!

Hooray! I have added two more colors to the popular "trellis" pattern from my first collection. The colors are "Slate" and "Sunshine," and are going to look so amazing in your home! These are on the website already and can be purchased now. Click here for more information


Customer picture updates:

It's always fun for me to receive pictures from happy customers who have bought my fabric and sent me pictures of the finished products. Here are a few of my favorites so far!