Revamping Your Laundry Room

I admit, I hate doing laundry. I know - hate is a strong word. But, in my case, I really, really, really HATE doing laundry. Part of my distaste for this chore is that you never truly finish the job. For those five minutes (it seems like) when everything is crisp and clean and folded and pressed - life is good. But then, before you know it, stinky socks are piling up and muddy soccer jerseys are added to the stack, stained blouses and dirty uniforms are thrown into the mix. It's the unwanted, never-ending gift that keeps on giving:)

The rest of my affliction towards this chore might be because I've never had an enjoyable laundry room to do laundry in. It's almost as if the pitiful room is reinforcing my pre-existing disgust. I remember as a child, our laundry room was in the basement. I don't remember anything about the dirty laundry itself, but only the large camel crickets that would hop around and scare me half to death. (This probably started my negative association of this chore at an early age..Doing laundry= creepy, hopping insects.)

Fast forward to my first house as a newlywed, and lo and behold, our laundry room is OUTSIDE off our back screened in porch. Can you imagine? I am not sure how the pipes to the washing machine never froze, but I can tell you that from about Thanksgiving to early March (i.e., the cold weather months), I held off as long as possible between laundry loads to avoid having to go outside in the cold. (Negative association #2). And I guess, now that I think about it, the pipes could have frozen and I wouldn't have ever known, since I wasn't doing laundry during the cold weather months anyways:)

Our second house had the washer and dryer inside the house. Although it was not in the basement or on the porch (we were making progress), it was a bizarrely small stackable unit (think of a small drinking fountain) wedged in an even smaller bathroom closet. Considering this was also the bathroom that all 3 of my little children were using, there was never a place to fold/stack/hang, etc., I did everything I could to get out of there as fast as possible. Not to mention, the space looked like a clothing bomb had gone off at all times. (Negative association #3). 

Finally we've arrived to my newest house and my current laundry room. Although I've progressed to having my machines in their own room (yay!), it is by far the most depressing and unmotivating space to do laundry in. Drab gray walls paired with old linoleum floors and a light fixture from 1975. Old shelving and not enough storage are making the space even more cluttered and unorganized. I am determined to make this room inspiring and to cure my distaste for doing the laundry ONCE AND FOR ALL! 

Of course, pinterest is a fabulous place to get started. 

Click on my Pinterest Board I created HERE for all of my inspirational finds.



I am inspired! I could easily get used to this chore if I were in one of these spaces!

I'll keep you posted as my personal project progresses. In the meantime, I've got laundry to do:)