The Day I Killed My Wicker

This article may be offensive to some of you. It involves buzz words like wicker, neglect, abandonment and fire. It may cause you some stress and anxiety. It may make you judge me a little more harshly. In any event, you've been warned.

It all started innocently enough. My husband and I had struck gold long ago when our sweet neighbors asked us if we would like their old wicker. They were redoing their porch with a new, fresh feel. Out with the old and in with the new. The wife was also expecting--and as we all well know, sometimes we make brash decisions when we are nesting and expecting:) But, I wasn't one to argue with a pregnant person, her loss - my gain. Besides, this was no plastic wicker. This was the real deal: vintage, old, beautiful wicker. This was before owning something vintage was cool. But I knew it was cool. I was ecstatic. It immediately went on our front porch. It looked perfect.

Fast forward two houses, and that wicker was still standing tall and proud. It had survived three babies and three dogs. But now I had a dilemma. Our new house had no porch. No front porch, no back porch, no covered anything outside. I was devastated, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from showing off my amazing wicker. My pride just couldn't let it sit in the garage. So, I added it to our patio. 

Isn't it gorgeous? All smiles on the wicker.

During the long hot DRY summer, my wicker was great. There was no need to worry about it because it wasn't RAINING. It looked like it belonged out there among the wrought iron patio furniture. So perfect. So "Southern Living." I was constantly patting myself on the back for my "great" placement idea.

But then Fall arrived. And in Nashville, when Fall arrives, it RAINS. I kept telling myself that I needed to go save that wicker...or at least cover it! But days turned into weeks. And weeks turned into months. I'd done nothing to save that wicker. I was a horrible wicker owner.

The 8 inches of snow we received in January sealed the deal. The entire set was now rotten and had buckled from top to bottom. I had killed my wicker.

In hopes of saving my reputation, I placed the entire set in my driveway to take it somewhere to get repaired somehow. Again, weeks turned into months. Our driveway was beginning to look like a junkyard.

Finally, my husband could take it no longer. Before I knew what was happening, I saw the smoke.

Of course, it burned into ashes in about 5 minutes. There was not much to burn to begin with:) My girls (who I usually consider sentimental) took the fire as an opportunity to roast marshmallows:)

No one seemed to grieve the poor wicker except me...

So now I am looking at a blank space on my patio. It needs to be filled with something special--something that is tasteful, timeless, and most of all WEATHER RESISTANT.  There are so many options out there -- where do I start? I probably don't deserve anything, but I'm going to try and redeem myself. Of course, I love Pinterest, so I've added a board with "pins" to get my thoughts organized.

See my ideas for new patio furniture here on Pinterest.

Perhaps Santa will come early and bring me some outdoor seating? My husband is quick to tell me that Santa is still asleep from Christmas Eve:) Oh well, a girl can dream.

In the meantime, take a lesson from me and don't leave your vintage wicker outside:)












All images courtesy of Interior Canvas