My goal is to create unique, original patterns that will blend into any space, while accenting the personality of your taste.

The Designer

My name is Anna-Kristin Yarbrough, writer of the blog, Interior Canvas, and creator of Interior Canvas Home textiles. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, I grew up appreciating the art of "keeping house," while filling it with culture, heritage and appeal.  So, it was no surprise when my love for interior design bloomed during my successful 11 year career selling residential real estate.  After leaving the real estate world to raise a family, I started my blog, Interior Canvas, as a creative outlet for musing on interior related subjects, interior design tastemakers, artists, architects and more. As my blog continued to expand and grow, so did my desire to create something tangible for the interior world.

This dream I had to one day create my own line of fabrics, has now become a reality. As a wife and mother to three young children, I understand the challenges of keeping a home fresh and pretty when life can often be chaotic and messy. My goal with Interior Canvas Home is to create unique and original patterns that will blend into any space, while accenting the personality of a homeowner’s own taste. Each collection from Interior Canvas Home will represent a sliver of my style that I hope you will resonate with as well. I am proud to say these fabrics are designed in Nashville and produced and manufactured in the USA. Enjoy!

The Fabrics

Inspiration for these patterns has come from nature, architecture, and everything in this world that strikes me as unique and beautiful. After incorporating ideas into physical shapes, the patterns are then sent to a digital printing company in North Carolina. After a few short weeks, the patterns are created into fabric form and ready for you!